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A Lonely Woman
Crime, Drama, Action
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Beau Yotty as Antonie
Storyline: A Lonely Woman is about a docile and shy girl, Annie, (Youlika Skafida) an orphan from Greece who all she wanted was to have parents. After living in an orphanage her first 12 years, an elderly wealthy American couple finally adopts her giving her a new life in the USA. Fifteen happy years later her world flips upside down when a horrible event changes her life forever. Annie slowly transforms into a new persona; Jezebel (her real birth name) a dark and merciless woman with only revenge on her mind to get justice at her own hand. A series of events keep her on a destructive path from which there might be no return. Then she meets Antoine (Beau Yotty), a handsome, sincere man who seems to truly cares for her. Is he her savior who will help her forget her mission of revenge? Or is he the instrument to finish her transformation to the dark side? Written by Vicven Films
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