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Safe House
USA, Japan, South Africa
Crime, Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Daniel Espinosa
Vera Farmiga as Catherine Linklater
Stephen Rider as Richards
Jenna Dover as CIA Analyst
Nora Arnezeder as Ana Moreau
Fares Fares as Vargas
Joel Kinnaman as Keller
Rubén Blades as Carlos Villar
Liam Cunningham as Alec Wade
Ryan Reynolds as Matt Weston
Denzel Washington as Tobin Frost
Tracie Thoms as CIA Analyst
Sam Shepard as Harlan Whitford
Brendan Gleeson as David Barlow
Robert Patrick as Daniel Kiefer
Storyline: Matt Weston ( ) is a CIA rookie who is manning a safe house in Cape Town, South Africa, when Tobin Frost ( ) the CIA's most wanted rogue agent is captured and taken to the safe house. During Frost's interrogation, the safe house is overtaken by mercenaries who want Frost. Weston and Frost escape and must stay out of the gunmen's sight until they can get to another safe house.
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Danzel Saves What Really Is A Mess
It's an interesting albeit predictable action flick that's nothing special but delivers enough to make it worthwhile. It does feature what has to be the dumbest CIA operatives/handlers ever put on film. What transpires, especially early, will make most viewers say "why in the world didn't they just…" but getting past that means enjoying a film where Denzel Washington perfectly menaces and charms his way through every scene. Put just about anyone else in this role and the film would lose a lot. Ryan Reynolds was good enough and the rest of the stellar supporting cast is absolutely wasted. Again, I found it interesting despite it being three repetitive acts of mindless turns highlighting that the government is pure evil and they apparently keeping hiring the same set of mindless goons who race around guns blazing everywhere with little effect or competence whatsoever. Also, the camera work was AWFUL in terms of the overuse of the shaky cam.
Better than Expected
I'm having trouble finding anything I want to watch on Netflix these days. As I get older, I get pickier with my time.

I.e.: I stopped watching the first Captain America partway through and have never resumed it. I'm like that with TV shows too. Sometimes you have enough and are unwilling to put in the time to see how it ends.

I decided to give this a go. Realized partway through that I'd seen it previously, but it was good enough to finish til the end.

I'm not Ben Aflecks biggest fan, but he was alright.

This wasn't perfect, but it was pretty watchable.

One of the better action movies I've seen in awhile.
Nothing really new but a good choice of actors, effects and locations
If you have seen conspiracy flicks like "Enemy Of The State", "The Bourne Identity", "XIII", "Unknown" and so on and so forth, you really won't be surprised by this movie. The story presents nothing new and is about the usual stereotypes: the good one turn out to be the bad ones, the bad ones turn out to be the good ones, the weak ones turn out to be the strong ones and so one. I think you get what I mean. The movie has no big surprises after all.

But if this kind of movie is well done, it can still merit a rating of eight points. I only give six point five and for this site seven points because of the mediocre camera work that was shaking and irritating at some points of the movie.

The rest of the film is quite decent. The locations are interesting and the movie takes place in Cape Town in South Africa and not in Europe or North America. The fighting and action scenes are very well done and with the visual and sound effects in cinema, it's a pleasant entertainment to watch this movie for sure. It's a good flick to change your mind, to relax and to take a break from your everyday life for sure. The acting is also rather good with two strong lead actors that are a very cool Denzel Washington and a sympathetic and determined Ryan Reynolds.

The only little flaw is that I would have liked to know more about both characters, especially about their past and what really led them to do what they actually do in the movie.

The movie simply has not the greatest script to stand out among many other similar flicks but it's still a good film. I would suggest you to rather watch the movies I talked about in my introduction or classics like "I As In Icarus" but if you have seen and liked them all, you will surely appreciate this work, too.
Decent Movie, but a waste of some real Talent
My rating of 5/10 is at once both generous and not. Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington do the best they can but ultimately the director hits the wrong tone and the cinematography is at times distractingly bad.

Here's what the previews led me to believe, Reynolds is young and driven but inexperienced as the keeper of a safe house, Washington is an old professional rogue agent who will offer him advice. None of that advice was ever really shared, I thought a certain bond would be formed between Washington and Reynolds or at least a hesitant mutual respect but none of that took shape.

I kept waiting for that point where one character proves to be more than what we were led to believe early on that they were, but no. Washington and Reynold's characters of Weston and Tobin stay the same throughout the whole movie, Weston is none the wiser because of Tobin and thats all there is to it.

Still there's enough basic action and minimal suspense to keep you entertained during a matinée showing so on that level I can't knock the film. The problem is there were several moments where I was left wondering why not a little more exploration into these characters or the story.

Also while watching the movie I just assumed it was PG-13, I never pay attention to the ratings but none of the violent fight scenes were that particularly violent so I told myself oh it must be because they needed to maintain the PG-13 but no, this movie is an R and yet they still avoided showing brutal fight scenes. All of the violence was so rapidly edited together and shot from such obscure angles that you can barely even tell what is going on.

I give credit to Washington and Reynolds for doing the best they could to overcome weak direction, editing, cinematography, and screen writing.
Safe House is a Safe Bet for a FAB movie
Action packed from start to finish. Loved Denzel in this role, the bad guy who by the end of the film you understand. Ryan Renolds AMAZING, never seen him so good as in this role. Brilliant acting by him. I went to see this movie on Valentines day with my other half. At first I thought.... Hmmm this is not exactly a romantic movie! but I am SO GLAD we saw this on the big screen. Kept me on the edge of my seat. I highly recommend this film I've given it 9/10 because I really enjoyed it, kind of scary to think about a government agency such as this that is so corrupt, from the inside out, the actors were portrayed wonderfully, the violence at times was intense. Great story, great movie. The car scene was fantastic!
Finally Visible Battle Scars
Much like the "Bourne" films, this movie was very fast paced. There was a substantial amount of action and some outstanding chase and fight scenes. There was not a lot of character development though. A little more of a back-story, especially in relation to Denzel Washington's character, would have been nice. Although several details remained unanswered, most of the credit I give Safe House is in regards to the fight scenes. People get shot, stabbed and beat up left and right. The characters get hurt, and get into even more fights and more hurt. There's no "miraculous healing" between fights like we see in most action movies. I was as worn as these characters were by the end of this movie. Reviewed by AN/NR 02-16-12
Stellar Action and Performances,however,it's Simply not that Compelling,
Safe House is a good movie with a well developed storyline and a very impressive cast.Throughout the movie I really enjoyed the action sequences and the performances,particularly Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds,who worked very well together.Howvever,I kept feeling like there was something missing,something that was making me not enjoy this movie as much as I could have,eventually it hit me,that it's simply not compelling enough,the characters are taken in to this big adventure way too quickly and the audience aren't given enough time before hand to get to know them,and because of this we are left feeling little affection or care for them as they are taken on this journey.I felt there were definitely scenes filmed that would have helped with character development but it felt quite obvious to me that it was poorly edited,because there were certain scenes missing that I couldn't put my finger around why they wern't there,then it hit me that the editor made a few big mistakes,for this type of story it certainly could have been at least twenty minutes longer.Though it has its flaws,Safe House is still a very enjoyable film that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good action or crime film if you ever see it on television.

A seasoned CIA agent must go rogue while an idealistic rookie tries to figure out the truth.

Best Performance: Denzel Washington Worst Performance: Nora Arnezeder

If you have any recommendations on films/TV series I should watch or review,or any questions to ask me,just tweet me @DillonTheHarris
Weary plot points and quite tiring, only saved by the cast and some moments.
Good premise, heavyweight stars, and lots of action. That's "Safe House" in a nutshell. However, it doesn't deliver all that much due to its heavy clichés but worst of all, they didn't have a good director behind this. My advice for him - and for what I've read his next feature will team Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy - is to watch real movies instead of MTV clips or just the latest releases. One credit behind Daniel Espinoza and Hollywood already thinks he can pull the strings and direct big caliber stars like Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. And if "Safe House" is a little appealing and good is because of them and the supporting cast with names like Brendan Gleeson, Rubén Blades, Vera Farmiga and Sam Shepard doing a good job.

What's it about? Reynolds is responsible for taking care of one of those safe houses run by CIA to held prisoners that must be kept in secrecy due to their valuable contributions, informations on terrorism. The bad news is that Reynolds is someone who never had much of field action and now he's put into jeopardy when he's assigned in taking care of Frost (Denzel), who is about to be rescued by dangerous types with heavy artillery. Sounds a bit like "3:10 to Yuma" but it's not a western. But both concerns trust issues in face of danger and sometimes the help may come from the least expected person. The agent's mission is to transfer Frost from their uncovered safe house to another safe location, and discover which information the man is hiding.

Nothing new but a little fun to watch. Tiresome, rushed, confusing and mumbled with its few words (awful sound editing/mixing), "Safe House" has some inspired moments (the dumb mistake committed by the agent in the stadium, which resulted in a great sequence; the house fight towards its conclusion, just to mention a few) but that's that. A movie this huge should be more ambitious instead of being shallow and bland, lacking of intelligence, and surrounded with predictable parts. And it's a strange action flick that generates more sympathy with its "villain" than for its dramatic hero. Washington easily steals the show from Reynolds (one of the very few roles of his I didn't care much for him.) and he's the reason why you should watch this film.

Couldn't end this without a minor rant about the terrible editing. Action means following the action, not necessarily being the action. We need to see what's going on, eyes were made to see, analyze, view and not just go up and down, back and forth trying to understand what's going on. Espinosa and many other young (sometimes even veteran) directors fail to comprehend that. No planning, just a bunch of shaky camera held by someone suffering from delirium tremens and they think you have a movie. No, you don't have a movie. Almost there... 6/10
Tense action thriller
Denzel Washington plays a rogue CIA agent hotly pursued by enemy agents who hands himself into the US. embassy in Cape Town as a way of escape from them. He is then taken to a "safe house" where he is to be interrogated but things go awry when the house is attacked by other agents wanting him. A young inexperienced CIA agent (Ryan Reynolds) must then try to take control and get the rogue agent to another safe house.

This is the kind of film in which the audience doesn't know the good guys from the bad, including the CIA agents. There are double crosses and tons of explosive action, with plenty of hand held camera fast edit action scenes from director Daniel Espinosa (there's a certain edgy power here, though too much of it can get on my nerves after a while). There is also a harrowing waterboarding scene.

Washington's character, while considered a traitor to the U.S., is also regarded as a legend within intel circles, having been successfully on the run and eluding all attempts to capture him for a decade as he spills out secrets on various intelligence agencies for the money. Washington plays him as a cool professional, virtually unruffled by all around him, even during an interrogation in which illegal methods are employed against him.

In a film in which so many characters are scummy or potentially scummy, I found myself rooting for Washington. Rogue agent or not, he is one cool customer, and I had to admire his style. Of course, Washington is a powerful screen presence. Any time he's on screen it's all but impossible to take your eyes off him.

Ryan Reynolds, as the somewhat naive CIA agent dealing with him, is adequate, no more. The rest of the cast, including Sam Shepherd as the head of the CIA, is quite good.
Bourne is Safe
Chop, chop, how was this not directed by Tony Scott?

And even though Safe House starred Scott's long-time male interest, Denzel Washington, I'm more referring to the consistent and nauseating zoom-in's and epileptic shaky camera shots. Mercifully, Scott doesn't make the whole experience into a seizure, but this director, Daniel Espinosa nearly shook the film right out of the camera.

He's pretty wet behind the ears, so hopefully with this somewhat unsuccessful box office zturn; he'll step back with more ease in the future.

At any rate, this Bourne-Rip-Off follows smarter-than-thou Washington as Ex-CIA Tobin Frost selling secrets for many years and his own planned capture pits him with newbie, Matt "promote me, damnit!" Weston (Ryan Reynolds) and off they go fighting killers who want a damaging file. Oh, and the duo dead would be nice for the assassins, as well.

Sadly, the CIA's tracking room – the suits who rarely get dirty, that is, mirrored the Bourne films, but completely without energy or a solid performance. In fact, in place of the fantastic Joan Allen from The Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum was Vera Farmiga's underwhelming and, frankly boring role. This was sad, because of the two recent hits I've noticed her in, Source Code and Up in the Air, I thought she was excellent and I even wanted to go further into her catalog. This setback won't completely deter me, but damn, she was bad.

I only point her out, because of her past great performances. Everyone else, including the lead, Washington, were pretty, well, plain. Heck, even Robert Patrick underperformed and appears to have aged not so well. The one stand out, and this surprised me, was Reynolds. Despite his clichéd character, he did show depth and we could carry on with his plight…again, in spite of his recycled role.

Overall, the movie wasn't as terrible as I'm making it out to be; it did have its moments. It's certainly a no-thinker and the bouncy action was incredibly hard to follow at times and an absolute annoyance, but for staying in on a Thursday when you have no money until the next day's direct deposit, it's worth a viewing. A, as in one, viewing.
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