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The Usual Suspects
USA, Germany
Crime, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Bryan Singer
Stephen Baldwin as Michael McManus
Gabriel Byrne as Dean Keaton
Benicio Del Toro as Fred Fenster
Kevin Pollak as Todd Hockney
Kevin Spacey as Roger 'Verbal' Kint
Chazz Palminteri as Dave Kujan, US Customs
Pete Postlethwaite as Kobayashi
Giancarlo Esposito as Jack Baer, FBI
Suzy Amis as Edie Finneran
Dan Hedaya as Sgt. Jeffrey 'Jeff' Rabin
Paul Bartel as Smuggler
Carl Bressler as Saul Berg
Phillipe Simon as Fortier
Jack Shearer as Renault
Storyline: Following a truck hijack in New York, five conmen are arrested and brought together for questioning. As none of them is guilty, they plan a revenge operation against the police. The operation goes well, but then the influence of a legendary mastermind criminal called Keyser Söze is felt. It becomes clear that each one of them has wronged Söze at some point and must pay back now. The payback job leaves 27 men dead in a boat explosion, but the real question arises now: Who actually is Keyser Söze?
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A twisty classic
After a gun fight on the docks leaves only one survivor with the majority dead, NYC agent Dave Kujan flies in to ensure that ex-cop Dean Keaton is really dead. During the questioning the survivor, Verbal Kint, tells of how events came to happen. Five criminals are brought together in a line up and decide to use the events to plan a job. However another survivor tells an extra story – one involving master criminal Kyser Soze. Kint reveals how the gang were forced into the fateful job by Soze – however who is Soze and why did the men try to steal what appears to be a ship load of drugs that didn't exist?

When I first saw this I saw it in the cinema – the very next day I went back and watched it again. The plot starts with a cliff hanger and appears to gradually answer the mystery - however what it actually does is create more questions for every answer it appears to give. It does this without frustrating you or without confusing the issue – in fact you don't know right till the end that you've been caught in a story teller's web. The plot unfolds like a normal thriller but it is anything but.

The strength of the film is in the writing but it is the direction that also manages to create a great mood. Singer uses clever shots weaving the story into a believable web of deceit. The cast add quality to every single line, every single scene. It's hard to imagine that the film could be the same with any one person changed.

Bryne is great as Keaton, his world weary cop drawn into a plan he can't control – or is he the master behind it all. Spacey gives a great performance as our eyes and ears as he retells the events, he deservedly won an Oscar for this role – before he got all soft and started becoming a starring man. Baldwin has the film of his life (albeit not hard!), he's really good and should be lucky to get another good role. Even the minor roles in the gang are great – Del Toro's performance is even better when you knew why he did it that way. Likewise Pollack will never have a better role – he has genuine tension between him and Baldwin (even in later interviews the dislike still seems real – with things like Pollack telling Baldwin he's sorry that his brothers stole all the food from his table). Palminteri does a great performance and is totally convincing. Postlethwaite is good despite playing an Asian (?) lawyer. Suzi Amis is good in her brief role and Esposito is as good as he always is.

Overall I could talk for hours about this film. It's rare for films now to have decent plots worth talking about however this manages it – it's still twisty and impressive no matter how many times you watch it.
Ridiculously Overrated
People find so much in good in this film. How? I've seen it several times trying to find something that pleases me but I haven't! I have seen masterpieces of cinema that I thought were brilliant and here, The Usual Suspects is on the top 20 of the best films for IMDb! What am I missing? The script was nothing spectacular! It was slightly above average as was the acting. Granted, Spacey's performance was good, but the supporting characters were nothing special at all. How did this film win two Oscars? People who found this to be a masterpiece should watch more films. If you haven't seen it and are wondering what all the fuss is about, it's nothing at all. This film is ridiculously overrated, most overrated film of the 90's, I'd dare say.


Why The Usual Suspects is the best movie of all time
The best movies of all time are often the types of movies that you can watch over and over again and find something you never noticed the first time you watched it. The Usual Suspects, directed by Bryan Singer, is everything that a thriller mystery movie should have. The story follows a criminal played by Kevin Spacey who recalls the story of his partners in crime and how they all ended up getting killed by a man named Kaiser Soze, a supposed myth in the criminal world. The story, as it unfolds, is full of mystery about who the true identity of this Kaiser Soze character is, making the audience believe that Dean Keaton, portrayed by Gabriel Byrne, is only man that could be Kaiser Soze.

What makes this movie stand out above the others and makes one want to watch it multiple times is the twist. The major twist at the end shocks not only the audience, but also the characters in the movie, making the reaction that much better. What makes the twist in this movie so effective and shocking is the fact that the audience finds out the truth at the same time as the characters. Seeing the characters and how they react to the twist gives the audience a certain way to feel and how they should also react to the mind boggling realization. Not only does the way that the story is told, first person and through flashbacks, make the movie great, but the artistic climax at the very end makes it a movie you would watch over and over again. Since the movie is able to draw the audience in by having two climaxes at the end of the film, of which also happen to be the two twists, the audience is left even more in shock and awe the second time compared to the first. The first climax occurs with only ten minutes left in the movie, as the officer doing the interrogating draws the conclusion from Verbal Kint's, played by Kevin Spacey, story that Dean Keaton is the alleged Keyser Soze. Five minutes later, the second climax occurs after Kint leaves the police station, as the officer realizes with shock and disbelief that Kint is actually Keyser Soze. The way the the officer realizes the truth as well is so methodically thought out. After Kint leaves, the officer sits on his desk, drinking coffee and just looking at all the police stories posted on the wall behind his desk. Wide eyed, the officer realizes that some of the stories Kint told were just stories from the wall. It is this single moment that makes the viewer want to watch the movie multiple times as you're never completely sure what parts of Kint's story is real and what parts are simply made up.

Along with the twists, and the story telling, the acting done by Kenvin Spacey is that of legends and fine tuned actors. The writing of the script and how Spacey was able to portray the emotions of his character, a "crippled man," makes you feel a special connection to him, but the big twist is able to take that well crafted connection and completely topple it over. The artistic way that the camera follows Kint in the last closing scenes also makes this movie mind blowing and jaw dropping. One of the last shots is of Kint's crippled feet, limping away from the police station. However, with the audience now knowing that Kint is Keyser Soze, when they witness Kint's limp evolve into a regular stride, showing that Kint faked even his disability, everything becomes clear.

Besides just being entertaining, the movie can also contain a deeper, darker meaning in that shows the audience that not every story told will be a hundred percent true and can often times be perverted for the benefits of a story teller. Due to the great story, the effectiveness of the twists, and the acting, the Usual Suspects is one of many movies that belong in everyone's top movies list.
Cause of THIS fücking movie - you have to down-rate all other about 1-3 notes!
13 out of 10! Yeahyeah, i saw a lot of and more good, very good and perfect movies...

BUT: This fascinates me every time i watch it and watch it again and again! And it's worth!!! Pros: - director - all(!) Actors (i knew K. Spacey beforehand) - Script - a 999th other things Cons: - maybe... no!

. .



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A Modern Masterpiece...
DISCLAIMER: Not seen 'The Usual Suspects' yet? Then don't waste any time reading this! Rent it, buy it, borrow it, I don't mind, but watch it before you bother reading any further.

One of the main reasons that 'The Usual Suspects' leaves such a long-lasting impression on the viewer is that it takes advantage of the gullibility of the audience. For the first 100 minutes we are delivered an intriguing and complex story to which there seems no easy answer. When the final piece of the puzzle seems to be in place the entire film is turned on its head. This final revelation initially leaves you speechless and then shortly after the audience realises that they have fallen for a brilliantly inspired trick. The second great trick that this film plays on its audience is making us think that by watching it again we'll be able to understand slightly better what was really going on. The truth is that the more you try to make sense of it, the more confusing it becomes. It's probably best not to try to look for any concrete answers and just accept that we fell for the filmmaker's tricks. The success of the film is mainly thanks to the sense of satisfaction the audience is left with at the end of the film. I think that people love the idea of a story when you're not sure who you can really trust, along with the realisation that the film's most shady characters are the filmmakers themselves.

Aside from the twist the film is also unique in the way the narrative is presented. The majority of the story is told as a series of flashbacks by crippled con artist Verbal Kint (a performance which deservedly won Kevin Spacey his first Oscar). The film's other Oscar went to screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (who also directed 'The Way of the Gun' (2000)) for his brilliantly constructed screenplay. It's a testament to the director, Bryan Singer that he was able to combine all these elements and turn them into something which is nothing short of a modern masterpiece. His moody and stylish direction help to bring the film together and perfectly complement the film's dark tone. A mention should also go to John Ottman for his skilful editing and amazing score.

The Usual Suspects is more than just a film with a clever ending. It revealed an awful lot about film audiences and showed us that their expectations can be used against them. It is also a film about story telling and the importance of myth. I think that one of the most valuable lessons that filmmakers can learn from ‘The Usual Suspects' is that the more interesting and intriguing your story is the more your audience will believe.

The Usual Suspects was certainly not the first film to contain twist ending (the twist ending became one of Alfred Hitchcock's trademarks) and was certainly not the last ('The Sixth Sense' (1999) also used this technique effectively but left more subtle clues for the audience to pick up on their repeated viewings). Despite this 'The Usual Suspects' remains one of the most innovative and memorable crime thrillers of the nineties.
come for the crime drama stay for the story-telling
After Watching "The Usual Suspects" directed by Bryan Singer, it has quickly become one of my favorite movies. Without giving away anything, this movie has one of the best endings to a film I have ever seen. Furthermore, it is chalk full of engrossing cinematic elements, such as several shot reverse shots and a good deal of chiaroscuro. However, the real draw of the film is in the way it is laid out. The film takes place almost entirely in the office of a police chief, and for the most part is given in the form of a story being told by Verbal Kint played by Kevin Spacey. This allows the film to have a non-linear plot progression, which is in my opinion one of the most interesting ways to display a narrative. It allows Singer to interweave various strands and smaller narratives into one composed work. It would be remiss to review this film and not mention Kevin Spacey's brilliant acting. After seeing Kevin Spacey in such strong and stern roles such as Francis Underwood in Beau Willmon's "House of Cards'', Seeing him act as a weak easily frightened man with Cerebral Palsy is entirely game changing. Spacey convincingly creates and displays a feeling of weakness and cowardice. In conclusion, I think the Usual Suspects is one of the best executed and unique crime films of its time, and would greatly recommend watching it to anyone who enjoys crime dramas and non-linear storytelling.
Great, but doesn't quite deserve the praise
While the movie takes time to get-going, it starts become more intense leading to the climax. But the main part of the movie that gained it its legendary status is the massive twist ending (which is impossible not to mention, so I'll try not to spoil), making you leave amazed by what you saw. But barring the ending, the rest of the movie doesn't quite deserve the praise that it gets, but that isn't to say that it is not an enjoyable movie.
Slick nonsense
The more one thinks about this film, the more outlandish it becomes. To me, this film falls into the thriller/mystery trap. Create a bunch of cool characters, throw in a lot of swearing (I guess it makes them seem tougher) and then create a story that keeps boxing itself into the corner and then at the end throw in a twist so audacious that the audience in amazement at the filmmaker's arrogance will capitulate. Well, not me. I can't believe one bit of it. Bryan Singer gets a good performance from his cast, the exception being Kevin Pollak who comes across a someone desperately trying to show how tough he is even though he isn't. The film looks slick and stylish but sadly the ending is just too unbelievable to let me recommend it.
"Why'd you wanna' treat me like a Keser!!"
The Usual Suspects is one of those films that like The 6th Sense, tries to get the viewer to think one thing and then suddenly POW!, they hit you with that big comic book like surprise twist at the ending. In the light of todays average fair full of pounding soundtracks, pyrotechnics, and product placements, it almost seems like a thinking mans film, however, this type of story telling has an inherent birth defect due to the very nature of its design, and that is that once you've seen it, the films one true claim of quality is forever lost, the carpet can not be pulled out from under your feet a second time. In essence, it becomes as pointless as trying to dazzle yourself at a magic show when you already know all the secrets behind every trick. Outside of this built in defect there is also the problem that the trick itself is actually very badly designed in the first place, this is in reality a very poorly constructed, and badly written script. This film has been embraced and awarded the highest honors, and yet there is not a single moment in it that isn't bogged down and convoluted, or even one bit plausible.

At the end of the film the other cop who works in the office where Verbal Kent is interrogated tells Inspector Kujan ( Chazz Palminteri )that to basically understand his messy office, you just have to stand back and look at it to see it, the same exact thing can be said about this equally unorganized film. To truly understand this lets stand back and actually take a look at the character of Keaton, played very dully by the very dull Gabriel Byrne. He was a NYPD officer for 4 years even though he is a Brit. In that short time he spent on the force he committed seven felonies, three of which were murders. Not a single one of these crimes could be pinned on him because the witnesses either died or changed their stories entirely, yet as an obvious embarrassment to the department, he was kicked off the force. When he is off the Force he gets indited on a fraud charge and does five years in prison. While in prison he kills three fellow inmates, but just like his other crimes, none of these atrocities could be pinned on him, so he simply gets out when his time is up. Once on the streets he kills yet again, but before he could be prosecuted for it, he dies in a warehouse fire when he goes in to check a leaking gas main. Once dead, the two witnesses that could of railroaded him back to Sing Sing die in single mysterious deaths, and even though there are no longer any witnesses left breathing, an innocent man takes his place behind bars. So now he surfaces as a business man who dates a high priced criminal lawyer. Thats his story folks, told to you specifically to get you to buy that he is this arch super-villain with the ridiculously bad name. Meanwhile this film does all it can to paint Verbal Kent as a bumbling idiotic club footed buffoon con man. The problem with all this blatant manipulation is that Kevin Spacey might as well have the name Keser Soze stenciled across forehead in bright neon letters.

Another place this film falls short is in its attempt to be a two fisted tough guy movie, lets face it, the only female character that even has a name, is simply in the movie as a reason to move the protagonist like pawns on a chest board at convenient times in this contorted plot, so what we are left with is the five criminals, who like small grade school children, spend half the movie puffing their chests out at one another. One scene that never fails to get a good laugh out of me is when Kevin Pollack and Stephen Baldwin almost get into a fight with one another. Possibly for reasons of keeping both men in the frame, director Bryan Singer has these two guys standing toe to toe facing one another with their mouths only a few inches apart, instead of looking like a fisticuff might take place, it looks far more likely that they might engage in a lusty soul kiss. This nice moment is capped of by brilliantly by a disembodied macho voice calling them ladies, and Kevin Pollack asking the Baldwin brother if he wants to dance. The fun continues in a later scene in which the Baldwin character comes up behind Pete Postlethwaite as if he might mount him any second, and whispers in his ear "I'm the guy thats gonna get you." Yes, due to inept story tellers and bad dialogue, what might of been Clint Eastwoon like one liners, is reduced in the hands of these hacks, into homoeroticism running wild.

I know that audiences continue to be impressed by this film, and that this thing won an Oscar for its script, but this story is nothing but a clunky ludicrous mess wrapped up in a bow of paper thin phony freshness, it simply does not deserve all of the love it is getting. The Usual Suspects is a film that makes me want to quit my day job and move to Hollywood, since tripe is so often confused with genius.
SPOILERS: Totally Fun but Totally Over-rated once you think about it.

The movie script hangs on one completely implausible premise... That Keyser Soze would throw away $91 million which was left on the dock in order to achieve his true goal.

Also, no plausible explanation as to why Verbal Kint was in police custody in the first place. If he really is who we are led to think he is, wouldn't he be clever enough to not get caught? Is it some sort of game he plays with the police?

Too many holes in the script, a very sloppy story... but great fun and well acted. Just don't think about it too much.
Roland J. Tran (Saint Paul) i was looking for a movie free The Usual Suspects download, as 720p to download it in 1995, one of the first Bryan Singer Tallahassee. Clara J. Lovett (Buffalo) i love how they play Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne, Benicio Del Toro, Kevin Pollak, Kevin Spacey, Chazz Palminteri, Pete Postlethwaite, Giancarlo Esposito, Suzy Amis, Dan Hedaya, Paul Bartel, Carl Bressler, Phillipe Simon, Jack Shearer, Christine Estabrook from the movie director Bryan Singer 1995 Miami.