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We're the Millers
Crime, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Rawson Marshall Thurber
Thomas Lennon as Rick Nathanson
Laura-Leigh as Kymberly
Tomer Sisley as Pablo Chacon
Nick Offerman as Don Fitzgerald
Matthew Willig as One-Eye
Mark L. Young as Scottie P.
Kathryn Hahn as Edie Fitzgerald
Ed Helms as Brad Gurdlinger
Will Poulter as Kenny Rossmore
Jason Sudeikis as David Clark
Emma Roberts as Casey Mathis
Ken Marino as Todd - Strip Club Owner
Luis Guzmán as Mexican Cop
Jennifer Aniston as Rose O'Reilly
Storyline: After being robbed of a week's take, small-time pot dealer David is forced by his boss to go to Mexico to pick up a load of marijuana. In order to improve his odds of making it past the border, David asks the broke stripper Rose and two local teenagers to join him and pretend they're on a family holiday.
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Much better than expected.
After watching the trailers I thought it's just gonna be a forgettable, try-hard and cliché movie. I never thought I'd watch it but my friends were raving about it so I thought I'd give it a go.

Boy was I wrong! I LOVED it: it was fresh, engaging,sweet without being schmaltzy and genuinely funny. Often I was laughing out loud like at the weed baby and Will Poulter rapping "Waterfalls". Jason Sudiekis, Jenifer Aniston, Emma Roberts and Will Poulter all acted wonderfully and their chemistry was key in this movies awesomeness. I just loved the warmth of the family bonding and the romance seemed natural and not forced. Don't listen to critics or trailers and watch this great movie to see what I mean!!
Will probably be regarded as a "so dumb but so funny" comedy.
There's nothing to it, if all you're looking for witty/clever/subtle/deep humor, and you hate sexual/stupid/slapsticky type will probably still like We're The Millers.

It's not a gold mine of comedy by any means, but it did the job it told us it would do: Make us laugh and give us a fun ride. They really brought together a dysfunctional family and did it in a way that allowed for some suspension of disbelief. A lot of comedies nowadays have those hit or miss scenes where you either laugh, or you just can't suspend your disbelief and you're sitting there like "Really? Really? She's gonna poop in the sink?" (guess the reference). We're The Millers is pretty much a compilation of those kinds of scenes that hit just the right tone to pull it off as funny, clever and it just kinda grows on you.

The "family" we see on screen for most of the surprisingly high 109 minute runtime is in a lot of ways funny, in some ways disgusting, and in a few ways charming. The film just works with the pairing of Sudeikis and Aniston, as we saw for a tiny bit in Horrible Bosses, which to me is one of the funniest movies in a long while. If you liked Wedding Crashers, or Hot Tub Time Machine, chances are you'll like this one, which was written by the 4 screenwriters who worked on those films. The 2 pairs of writers who have a history with comedy throw some subtle humor in the dialog which you probably won't get if you're not paying enough attention, which allows for every comedy lovers dream: To be laughing out loud, then hearing an ever so subtle joke causing you to laugh harder, then hearing another one and another and another. The film was consistently funny in a sense that when it got me, it REEALLLY got me.

Overall, the film is just a slight bit lovable, with characters you actually kinda like...not too common for a modern comedy. More so than the story, the laughs came interspersed well enough to where I can't complain because I did way more laughing than I expected. It wasn't "rolling on the floor" funny, but I did have some hearty laughs out loud.

Recommended to anyone who enjoyed the previous works by the screenwriters.


EDIT: I ended up seeing it a second time and tried to pay attention to all of the funny subtlety of one-liners and witty remarks by characters throughout, and I laughed very hard at quite a few things I didn't catch the first time. I liked it more the second time and raise my rating to an 8/10. Is truly a very funny film.

Funny but not really good.
Let's say you can buy into a nearly fifty year old Jennifer Aniston as a stripper.Maybe you can even buy a forty year old Jason Sudeikis as the hip drug dealer who dresses like a Dave Matthews fan.Then you can probably buy that when they pretend to be a family their kids are almost thirty.They go from ridiculous parodies of old people trying to be cool to actual old people with very old children.I guess that makes sense in some other dimension.While the premise and plot are very thin, there are some good jokes in here.There's a stripper with a tattoo over her box that says "Boner Garage".That's comedy gold.Ed Helms is hilarious as usual and Nick Offerman is very disappointing as usual.The worst thing about this movie is the very long and totally unnecessary campground scene.It has nothing to do with the story and turned a good 90 minute comedy into a two hour test of your movie watching ability.I guess what I'm trying to say is that this movie is very average.If you never see it you have two hours to watch something else.If you do see it, you probably won't be angry.
Such a funny movie
We're the Millers is an amazing movie. To be honest everything about the movie was perfect. It was the perfect blend of actors. Jennifer Aniston was perfect for the role as a stripper/mom. Will Poulter was perfect for the role of the clueless virgin, but if there was one thing about his role that i don't like it is that when the spider bit him on the balls, he shouted f**k for like 10 seconds and to me that just seemed very cheesy, but over all his character was super funny. Emma Roberts was a perfect rebel teenager in this movie, she does so many crazy funny things, she goes on a date with a idiot boy with a misspelled tattoo... Then once Will gets bit on his balls she says he needs to drop his pants, then she says come on, we've all seen a d*ck, that was one of my favorite things she said. Jason Sudeikis was a amazing drug dealer/scum bag. He was bossy, rude, sarcastic, and dumb... all the perfect qualities for a drug dealer. I know this review has been mostly about the characters but characters can make or brake a movie, so i thought it was important to let you guys know what the characters are like. I first saw this movie on my friends iPad During Bible class at school. I ended up laughing the whole class and almost getting suspended. its that funny. you would be doing yourself a favor by watching this movie. now all i have to say is If your looking for a funny movie to watch, pick this one. You won't regret it. trust me
The Brady Bunch Meets the A-Team.
We're the Millers (2013): Dir: Rawson Marshall Thurber / Cast: Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Will Poulter, Emma Roberts, Nick Offerman: Comedy about identity as a drug dealer, played by Jason Sudeikis is tasked with smuggling a massive amount of marijuana in Mexico. He was robbed of his stash and his ruthless boss sends him off in an RV. Sudeikis uses the family disguise and recruits a frustrated stripper, played Jennifer Aniston who lives in his building. He also recruits an abandoned absent minded teenager, played by Will Poulter to be his son, and Emma Roberts as a homeless girl to be his daughter. This is a funny setup but from there it becomes clichéd and predictable. Some of these events are amusing such as the couple they encounter whom are hoping to spice up their relationship with swapping. The real drug dealers are cardboard and reduce the screenplay to road kill immediately. Director Rawson Marshall Thurber previously made Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. Some viewers may find the theme somewhat corrupt but the film succeeds thanks to the lead performances. Sudeikis holds his own as this schemer hoping for easy cash but learns to trade selfish ambition for family. Aniston is fetching as the stripper whose profession becomes a life saving distraction in a crucial moment. Poulter is hilarious especially when bitten in the testicle by a tarantula. Roberts falls for an amusement park loser. Nick Offerson steals comic moments as a DEA agent whose wife and himself are into swinging. Standard comedy about family but the envy is on Poulter during a kissing session. Score: 7 / 10
Finally!!! A solid comedy!!!
I have to admit I didn't expect to like this movie as much as I did. I laughed during the whole movie and truly didn't notice how did the time pass by. For me this is the best American comedy I've seen in the past couple of years. Very well directed, very good cast. The movie is very casual but at the same time so full of content. I can't come up with any flaws in it. It was not gooey like you would normally expect. Jennifer Aniston was just marvelous as always. I also liked Will Poulter very well.

I recommend the film to everyone, not only comedy lovers (I'm surely not one of those).
It is one of the few movies that make u laugh from the start till the very end!!!
David Burke (Jason Sudeikis) is a small-time pot dealer whose client includes chefs and soccer moms, but no kids-after all, he has his scruples. So what could go wrong? Plenty. Preferring to keep a low profile for obvious reasons, he learns the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished when he tries to help out some local teens and winds up getting jumped by a trio of gutter punks. Stealing his stash and his cash, they leave him in major debt to his supplier, Brad (Ed Helms). In order to wipe the slate clean-and maintain a clean bill of health-David must now become a big-time drug smuggler by bringing Brad's latest shipment in from Mexico. Twisting the arms of his neighbors, cynical stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston) and wannabe customer Kenny (Will Poulter), and the tatted-and-pierced streetwise teen Casey (Emma Roberts), he devises a foolproof plan. One fake wife, two pretend kids and a huge, shiny RV later, the "Millers" are headed south of the border for a Fourth of July weekend that is sure to end with a bang.
The review that no one will pay attention to (because it's bad)
Four stars sounds right for this film, which I just saw last night. 1 star being 'unbearably bad and difficult to sit through', and 10 being 'so good it changed my life', this movie was bearable to sit through, not painfully bad, but well... predictable and brainless.

The good news, I saw it in the right frame of mind- not in the mood to think. Cliché characters, unoriginal jokes, and predictable story notwithstanding, the pull of the movie were the four main stars, especially Jason Sudeikis. I haven't followed him in SNL but every other role I've seen of his: "30 Rock", "Portlandia", and a few other appearances here and there- the guy is funny and charismatic. I think Jen Aniston is also good.

So whatever- I can't recommend it unless you're tired, drunk, stoned, or suffering from a severe brain injury; otherwise, you could do worse.

PS The "bloopers" at the end looked fake to me.
Seen it all before
Formulaic 'comedy' very much in the style of The Way Way Back (which seems to bit a bit zeitgeist at the moment) in these sense that it presents us with characters that are mildly objectionable that we are 'supposed' to dislike but of course can't help ourselves really because they all turn out to be so lovable and give us that false sense of having witnessed character development by the end of the film when they all turn out to be completely different from how we expected even though of course this is a fallacy because it's so tame, so unoriginal and so formulaic that we aren't hoodwinked for a second so the satisfaction of unexpectedly seeing bad guys turn good is removed from the start. In Millers, the characters we are given are; the moral 40-year old drug dealer (he doesn't sell to kids you know), the hard-faced 40-year old stripper who actually turns out to be really nice (surprise, surprise), the homeless girl (with a mobile phone no less) who is actually revealed to be really pretty and intelligent and the geeky virgin teen boy that is supposed to strike a chord with the maternal instincts in its female audience and be a character for the jocks in the audience to laugh at. A series of situations and mishaps occur much in the vein of any modern Hollywood comedy. While the situations themselves may be new, the characters, style and overall storyline certainly are not and we've seen it all before. I admit it raised a few laughs a points but it's one of those films where, even if the odd scene or two are quite funny, at about half way through you wonder why you are wasting your time. I couldn't even watch it to the end. Who on earth could be fooled by such formulaic nonsense you may wonder? Yet it achieves a score of 7.1 out of 10 on IMDb (at the time of writing).
Miller Time.
With the birthday of my best friend coming up, I started looking for a Comedy she would enjoy. Mentioning this to my dad in passing,I was caught by surprise when he revealed that he got this Comedy for her birthday! Which led to us having a Miller time.

The plot:

Getting his cash and drugs stolen, dealer David Clark is told by drug boss Brad Gurdlinger that he can make up the loss by going to Mexico and getting a large supply of drugs (which Gurdlinger would pay him for.) Desperate to keep the deal undercover, Clark gets his favourite stripper Rose O'Reilly, "street trash" Casey Mathis and loner round the block Kenny Rossmore to join him as the fake Miller family. Agreeing to the deal, the family cross the border to Mexico,and soon begin to fear that their plan will go up in smoke.

View on the film:

Very alluring in the stripper sequences, (with a "butt double" for butt close-ups!) Jennifer Aniston gives a sparkling performance as O'Reilly,who along with a sassy comedic streak is also given a warmth by Aniston in keeping this fake family unit together. Catching the Miller's off-guard, Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn grab every scene they are in as Edie and Don Fitzgerald, with them both shredding the wholesome image of the Fitzgerald's for some hilariously peculiar set-pieces.

Cleaning up his scruffy look for the fake perfect family, Jason Sudeikis gives a very good performance as Clark, thanks to Sudeikis making Clark uncomfortable with keeping the "perfect family" mask on. Traveling to the family vacation gone wrong, the screenplay by Bob Fisher/ Steve Faber /Sean Ander & John Morris keep the gags lit up by mixing raunchy physical Comedy set-pieces with the drama difficulties of the Millers acting like a family,as their plans go up in smoke.
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